Adjust Blog Privacy Settings on a site by site basis

Hello All,

New member, first WPMU DEV plugin install and first post on the forums...

So, I downloaded and installed Multisite privacy. It activated and installed fine.

However, I find that the settings seem to be "network wide" not "site-wide"

My scenario is that I am running WP Multi Network and would like to have one site private and another site public in the same network.

Is there a way to do this with Multisite privacy that I don't see?



  • Paul Barthmaier

    Hi Eric,

    First let me be the first to welcome you and congratulate you on so many Firsts!

    I'm pretty sure I'm following you, but before I blurt out something, I need to ask a question. When you say WP MultiNetwork, are you talking about the WP Plugin built by JJJ or do you mean WordPress MultiSite. It's an important distinction. I don't reckon that this plugin would apply to JJJ's, but I'm going to assume that you mean the latter, since you say you want 2 sites on the same network.

    If I'm correctly in this assumption, you are fine with what you've done so far, the Privacy plugin is installed and Network activated. At that point, each of your sites on that network will have 6 Privacy options, the 2 Native to Wordpress and the 4 added by the plugin. You can set the privacy of each site individually by going to the Settings of each site in wp-admin.


  • ericslangley


    Yes, the semantics can be confusing. I am running WP Multi-Network by JJJ though it shows "by Brian Layman" on the installed Plugins page.

    You wrote: You can set the privacy of each site individually by going to the Settings of each site in wp-admin.

    Okay, I finally found this. It was under Site Admin Settings/Privacy. This is not documented in the Multisite privacy documentation? The settings here are quite a bit different than the ones in Network Admin/Settings/Network Settings. Oh wait, I get it. The four check boxes (in Network Admin) are to show which settings show up in the Network's sites and the Default setting is just that, the Default setting.

    Thank you for the help. I see the light!


  • Sue

    Hi Eric

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention that we need to update the information on Settings > Privacy in the site admin dashboard. I'll organise for it to be updated.

    The Blog Privacy Options in Settings > Network Settings controls the privacy options of any newly created site and can be used to update the Privacy of all Sites on your network if you select the Update all Blogs option.

    While you can also set it to Allow admin users to override the default Privacy options and they will be able to change their Privacy options in Settings > Privacy in the site admin dashboard.

    Thanks Pali for all your great help of Eric with these privacy questions!


    Sue Waters
    WPMU DEV Support

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