Adjusting formatting of text in sidebar widget/module

To Whom it May Concern,

I just have a couple question about the sidebar widgets in wordpress, and how to adjust them. So in the widgets portion of my site, I have created a sidebar called MASTER CLASS SIDEBAR FULL LIST. Within that sidebar is some text. I have 2 questions about that text:

1) How do I make the text (you can see what I am referring to by looking at the attachment I have uploaded called Image 1) a clickable link such that when someone views this sidebar from the front end of the site that they are able to navigate to other pages on the site?

2) When looked at from the front end, the text in the sidebar widget looks like it is centered. You can look at Image 2 (another attachment I uploaded) to see what I am referring to. When I go into the sidebar module (the URL of the page I am referring to is and change the orientation from right to left, the font does orient to the left, but the little divider bar that separates the sidebar from the main content on the page disappears. You can see what I am referring to in the 3rd attachment called Image 3. Is there anyway to have the font oriented to the left without having the little divider bar vanish?