adjusting the look of the appointment

I am looking at adjusting the look and design of the appointments plus plugin...Watched all tutorials and not finding anything. It spoke about css but not really familiar with all that. Anyway that changes could be made more easily or you could send me one of the css that can be dropped and adjusted. The fonts and colors are terrible

  • Vaughan

    Hi @Brogan

    All the CSS used on the front-end can be found in appointments/css/front.css

    Just copy those to your current themes style.css & adjust how you want.

    A good tool to help is firebug extension for firefox.

    You can then literally highlight an element on your screen, it will then show you the CSS that is used, then it will allow you to adjust it in real time and see the changes. Once done, you then just copy your changes to your theme style.css

    See screenshot.

    Left column displays the html source, right column displays the CSS for the element selected. In the right column you can click & edit the CSS, it will then change on screen in real time. Adjust to how you want, then copy those changes to your style.css

    Firebug is 1 of the best tools you will use, it's free, all you have to do is install it in your browser (firefox). It is really worth getting, as it can save you so much time. It's pretty much the browser addon that every developer uses.

    Hope this helps

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