Admin Bar Dissappearing

I am not exactly sure what is causing this. I make minor edits to the footer of my website, and well, the admin bar that is always at the top disappears outside of the administration panel.

I have the following plugins activated:

- Add New Users
- Admin Help Content
- Admin Message
- Admin Panel Tips
- Advanced Page Manager
- Avatars (BBPress)
- Avatars for Multisite
- Batch Create
- Blogs and Users
- Communities
- CustomPress
- Default Theme
- Disable Comments
- Footer Content
- Global Footer Content
- Google Analytics
- Gravity Forms
- Gravity Forms Directory & Addons
- Gravity Forms Dropbox Uploader
- HTML Email Templates
- Login Redirect
- Logout Redirect
- Mass Email Sender
- Membership Premium
- Messaging
- MU Support System
- New Blog Templates
- Password Protect Selected Content
- Per Page Widgets
- Profile Builder
- Q&A WordPress Questions and Answers
- Rebranded Meta Widget
- Remove Permalinks Menu Item
- Remove WP Dashboard Widgets
- Reports
- Select Language At Signup
- ShortCode Redirect
- Site Wide Text Change
- Snapshot
- Ultimate Branding
- Ultimate Tables
- Update Services
- User Activity
- User Reports
- Use Shortcode in Sidebar Widgets
- WP-Mail-SMTP
- WPMU DEV Dashboard

Now I am not sure, but I think the Site-Wide Text Change is the culprit, as I had it change WordPress to TactiveLearning, and I noticed that it had renamed plugins, and I am not sure if that could be the one doing it, but it might be.

Any thoughts on this? It's a bit odd.

I installed a different theme when this happened last time, and I guess it decided to go ahead and be unfriendly to me.