Admin Bar doesn't display

Hi there,

I've just logged in to the above client site and found that the Admin Bar at the top of the page isn't showing. The option is ticked in my profile and I've checked on other sites using similar plugins/configurations and they all display the Admin Bar.

Please could you take a look for me?

I've granted support access.



  • Ash
    • WordPress Hacker

    Hello Steve - Just Think BiG

    You have it disabled from the Branda plugin. For now, I have enabled for admin from Dashboard > Branda > Admin Area > Admin Bar > Toolbar Visibility.

    If you want to allow users from other roles, just select options from there.

    Hope it helps! Please feel free to ask more questions if you have any.

    Have a nice day!


  • Steve - Just Think BiG
    • Thinking Bigger

    Hi Ash,

    Sorry but I didn't disable it. I didn't even know that option was available through Branda. I've logged in to this website on many occasions and the Admin Bar has displayed as expected - until this last time. Could a Branda update have changed the default setting?

    In fact, what's the default position in Branda?



  • Nithin
    • Support Wizard

    Hi Steve - Just Think BiG,

    The "Toolbar Visibility" for frontend is a new feature in the Admin bar module settings to display admin bar based on user roles. However, I tested in my system by updating from the old version to the current Branda version. I'm not able to replicate such an issue out of the box, without manually re-saving the changes in the Admin Bar module.

    By default the checkboxes are unticked, maybe you might have re-saved the Admin Bar module during configuration which might have caused this confusion.

    I'll make sure to bring this into our team's attention for any further improvements that could be done in the plugin side regarding these. Have a nice day ahead.

    Kind Regards,

  • Steve - Just Think BiG
    • Thinking Bigger

    Hi Nithin,

    Thanks for your reply.

    It may be that I had the Admin Bar module activated because of adding a company logo to override the WordPress logo. Perhaps I had the issue because I already had the Admin Bar option active?

    Funnily enough, since posting my original question, I've found that I have other sites where the Admin Bar module in Branda was already active and the same thing has happened.

    Perhaps that's worth getting the tech guys to investigate this?



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