Admin confirmation not being sent


I have two versions of Appointments+ running. It's all working fine on one site. The other site though it sending confirmation and reminder emails to clients but it's not sending to me (admin) like my other site is.

I've gone into the appointments settings section and everything seems the same?

I must add I'm getting marketpress order emails and other emails as normal

Any ideas? I'm already using an SMTP plugin on both sites


  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, Kieran!

    Using SMTP is a great first step, and I have to ask if you've checked the spam folder to make sure the admin emails aren't getting rerouted there. You won't necessarily get reminder emails unless you're also the provider as an admin, but you should be getting confirmation emails.

    What do you have in the answer fields for the following, in Appointments > Settings > Notification Settings:
    Send Confirmation email (should be yes)
    Send Notification to admin if confirmation is required (should also be yes)

    Do you know if clients/service providers are receiving their Appointments emails, or is it just you?

    Another thing to try, temporarily change your admin email account to another service. Yahoo is great for this, it's free and easy to set up a new email account, if you don't have an extra email account to use.

    Let me know! Thanks for your questions!

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