Admin demo and video tutorials – Are they on the roadmap?

My apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere (I couldn’t find the thread), but does WPMU Dev have a plan for developing admin demos for major plug-ins such as Marketpress and Membership? I’ve found that many Joomla plug-in sites do this but very few WordPress sites, and I’m not sure why.

Second on the list is the request for walk-through tutorials for important plug-ins. Even the experienced people on this site run into trouble with complex plug-ins (again, mainly Marketpress and Membership). Written documentation is good but it has its limitations. Dynamic tutorials are much better, and honestly.. don’t feel like you need to do a super slick production. A developer narrating a simple screencast tutorial would suit me just fine.

I know you guys are “always behind the eightball” with just keeping up with updates, support requests, other feature requests, etc., but I think these two things would greatly increase satisfaction for members and people with pre-sales inquiries. I believe it would also greatly reduce the amount of confusion and number of support requests. Both are certainly HIGHLY DESIRABLE and GREATLY IN DEMAND!

Thanks for everything so far. I’m happy to be a member here and look forward to more great things.