Admin email request in "New Blog Templates"?

The following is from another support ticket. I was asked to post it under "New Blog Templates" so it might be included in future updates of "New Blog Templates".

Best, Tim

I'm about to make a theme template for "New Blog Templates". In the sidebar, I have "Contact Widget" so my users customers can get in touch with each other.
Is it possible "Contact Widget" can be configured to automatically insert the created page's admin email adress? Is there a shortcode I can insert into the template?
Best, Tim

Hello Tommy,

Sure thing. Why not.

However it would not be best to do it on this thread as it was opened for contact form widget.

It will be best to request it on the New blogs templates as a feature request.

Would you be kind enough to open a new thread, select new blog templates from the list and mention this feature to be requested.

We will then move that thread to features section and tag the developer on the same.

Sorry for the extra work but that is the best way to do it :slight_smile: