Admin for users gives infinite loop

I´m sure I read about this somewhere, but can´t seem to find it..

I have a WPMU install on my localhost for a client of mine. Last week they gave me the login details for their VPS, so I moved the install to the VPS (did a fresh install and copied DB stuff).
Because of some extra options of MU2.7 (ie the upload-dir location) I upgraded the install from 2.6.5 to 2.7. So far so good (apart from the backend look.. the mu2.7 totally screwed up my custom admin look).

I made some minor tweaks to wp-admin (to not include the 2.7 css when it's not the site admin) and let it rest for a few days.
Last weekend I found out that the backend wasn't what it should be (apart from the fact that it was 2.7), the menu-item 'Blog account' (pay to blog) wasn't there and some default tabs were (which were supposed to be hidden by the Menus plugin).

Because of the troubles (backend, css) I decided to downgrade the install. Cleaned the root, dropped all tables in the database and re-moved the localhost install. From that point I was getting an infinite loop on wp-admin (the login screen worked fine) for all users. After re-installing (dropping everything again, doing a fresh install / moving the localhost install to the VPS) the problem just wouldn't go away. So, fresh install or not: problem of infinite loop on wp-admin stays.

I found out that I can only access the backend if the user has been added to the main-blog (that's when I get the default tabs and no Blog account tab in the admin menu). When I delete the user from the main-blog the infinite loops occurs. Trying to access blog.php (pay-to-blog) I get the message 'Nice try..'. Accessing files that I integrated into pay-to-blog gives me the message that it couldn't be loaded. And yes, those files do exist.

What I find weird about this situation is that everything works perfectly on my localhost (XAMPP btw).

Oh, right: the error-log doesn't give any information (nothing is added to the file when I get the loop). I already cleaned my cookies (that's when I found out that I could access with the site-admin account).

Also tried with plugins and mu-plugins folder empty, but to no avail.

Does anyone know what's happening here and how I can fix this?..

  • Hiranthi
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    Didn't think I'd get a reply and looks like I was right (don't mean that in a negative way against you guys, just the stupid situation I was in).

    Anyway, I reinstalled it again a few times and now have it set to subdomains instead of subdirs. For some reason it is working now. It's not the ideal situation for this project, but it works (and that's more important in this case).

  • Hiranthi
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    Well, that's just the point: it wasn't a 2.7 install anymore (tried multiple installs of 2.6.5 on monday).

    And I meant what I said: it wasn't negativity towards you (or anyone else here, for that matter). I just figured I wouldn't get any repsonse because of the issues I was having (including the fact I couldn't find anything really useful about it on the internet and I too didn't really get what was happening). And trying to explain a situation like this in English isn't something I do daily (it all didn't make sense in Dutch, translating that into English makes even less sense :wink: :p ).

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