admin gateway is default when using only Paypal Single Payments for free account [BUG]

having paypal single pay as the only gateway, if I select the "free" subscription, the user gets created (used [subscriptionform]) but the gateway gets defaulted to "admin". When viewing the ([renewform]), I see no option to upgrade to a premium subscription. The gateway should have been set to "paypalsolo" but it is not. Obviously i can manually change it to paypalsolo, then i can see the premium subscriptions. This seems like a bug. Im trying to have a new sign up have the option up front to be a free user forever (with the future option to upgrade to premium), or go straight to premium. If they choose free, they have no option currently to ever be upgraded due to this issue. It seems to possibly be due to the fact that the "free" plans price is 0.

gateways active = Paypal Single Payments

subscription plans =
name: free
mode: indefinite
period: 1 day
price: 0

name: Premium (30 days with auto renew)
mode: serial
period: 30 day
price: 5

name: Premium (30 days only, no renew)
mode: finite
period: 30 day
price: 5