Admin Menu Editor Pro + Pretty Plugins


We use a known plugin Admin Menu Editor Pro ( ) to organize admin menu in my WP network. Also I use Pretty Plugins to organize plugins. So I have the following problem.

I've organized my admin menu (using "Admin Menu Editor Pro":wink: in the following way: I have one menu item (1st level menu) called plugins (it is a link to all plugins). This item has subitem (2nd level menu) which duplicates the main item (it's called "All plugins" and also is a link to all plugins). Also the main item (Plugins) has other subitems (with specific plugins settings, i.e. Post Voting, WP Polls, Akismet and so on). (See screenshots)

The problem is that all subitems (except "All plugins":wink: are inactive - I can see them but I can not click on them (when I click nothing happens - I can not get pages with plugins settings).

I thought that the problem was in Admin Menu Editor Pro, but the author of the plugin (Admin Menu Editor Pro) wrote that the problem is with Pretty Plugins. Here are his words:

"That's a bug in Pretty Plugins. It assumes all "Plugins" submenus will be plugin categories. It intercepts clicks on a submenu item and tries to use them to filter the plugin list by category.

When you add menu items that *are not* categories to the "Plugins" menu, Pretty Plugins still intercepts the clicks. But it doesn't know what to do with these new items, so it just gives up. As a result, clicking does nothing.

If you're curious, you can find the relevant code in /pretty-plugins/themes/quick-sand/theme.js, lines #27 to #39. The problem is that the click handler prevents the browser from opening the clicked link even when it doesn't match any known category."

Here is the mentioned code (from /pretty-plugins/themes/quick-sand/theme.js, lines #27 to #39):

jQuery('#toplevel_page_pretty-plugins li a' {

var filterType = get_url_parameter(jQuery(this).attr('href':wink:);
if(typeof filterType['category'] === "undefined":wink:
filterType = 'all';
filterType = filterType['category'];


return false;

I provide you Admin Menu Editor Pro plugin so that you could test the plugins together - Pretty Plugins and Admin Menu Editor Pro. Here you can download Admin Menu Editor Free version here:

Thank you!