Admin Menu Editor Pro?

I have purchase a plugin from wp plugins… Not sure why its not included here but decided to purchase anyway which came along with a $3 a month if you wanted updates and continued support..

Right off the bat I am having some issues with the plugin and when I tried to use the support on wp plugins site , it told me i needed a monthly subscriptions to do so which my receipt says I do..

I dug up my receipt used the email that was on there but have not heard back… (maybe a time zone thing) idk

This is a great site and community but I sure am having quite a few issue with plugins that are guaranteed to work.. from here and one bought at wp plugins

Are you guys support of this plugin? If so I need a refund.. or a fix real quick..

The plugin is not saving menu items that have been reordered.. Have got it to for one but doesn’t seem to want to know especially if that menu is an iframe.

When using the iframe then scrolling down and then back up withing the iframe the admim bar floats in the middle of the screen, sometimes about 4 of them and will not go away

Way to make a menu item not link to anywhere and just have it act as a container for the submenus… I tried # in the link url but it resides to thee next submenu’s url and takes you there..