Admin not getting emails after clients book an appointment


I am missing a few appointments because we are not getting notification that users have booked an appointment using Appointments+

I have reviewed the following without any success:
- reviewed all my settings
- tried changing who is the admin/dummy
- I've even deleted users
- i've checked the "spam" in my email accounts
- triple checked the correct email addresses are being used
- ensured that all service providers are correctly configured and offer all services
- the "log" section of the Appointment+ "settings" section says that "Confirmation messages" are being sent to the customer... however the "provider" is still not receiving an email!

Nothing seems to work!

I have 2 users set as "admin" - will this be making a difference as to who gets an email??

The front end of the site is here:

Can someone please assist, perhaps you can login via the backend of my site and assist?

Attached in a screen shot of my settings page

Cheers Robbie