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Hello Again,

I almost have my site fully set up how I want it. However, I'm having trouble figuring out how to restrict Admin access since I am no longer using the Membership plugin.

With the membership plugin, I could restrict Site Owners access within their admin panel to certain menu's and submenus. I basically had control over everything they could access. However, I needed to use the Pro sites signup page and not the Membership one so I had to remove that. I don't want to sell a membership - only access to creating sites.

The issue now is that everyone who makes a site becomes Admin of that site with their own Admin Panel. I want to restrict that so they can only access MarketPress, Pages, and a few other areas. Is there any way I can do this?

  • Zyniker

    You could potentially integrate Pro Sites with Membership to achieve your goals, but I do not believe that Pro Sites has native support for exactly what you want. However, Pro Sites will allow you to restrict access to themes and plugins and allow for limits to be placed on the number of posts/pages a user may create.

    Advertising – Allows you to disable ads for a Pro Site level, or give a Pro Site level the ability to disable ads on a number of other sites.
    Bulk Upgrades – Allows you to sell Pro Site level upgrades in bulk packages.
    Limit BuddyPress Features – Allows you to limit BuddyPress group creation and messaging to users of a Pro Site.
    Limit Publishing - Allows you to only enable writing posts and/or pages for selected Pro Site levels.
    Pay to Blog – Allows you to completely disable a site both front end and back until paid.
    Post/Page Quotas – Allows you to limit the number of post types that can be published for selected Pro Site levels.
    Premium Plugins – Allows you to create plugin packages only available to selected Pro Site levels.
    Premium Themes – Allows you to give access to selected themes to a Pro Site level.
    Premium Support – Allows you to provide a premium direct to email support page for selected Pro Site levels.
    Upload Quota – Allows you to give additional upload space to Pro Sites.
    Restrict XML-RPC – Allows you to only enable XML-RPC and Atom Publishing for selected Pro Site levels.
    Unfiltered HTML – Allows you provide the “unfiltered_html” permission to specific user types for selected Pro Site levels.

    Depending on your end goals, you could also potentially use Easy Blogging to restrict access to certain areas of the administration dashboard.

  • Patrick

    Hiya @riley66

    As @Zyniker has suggested, if you don't need membership levels, then Easy Blogging is the way to go. You can restrict access to only the admin areas you define, and force site owners to use your customized admin area.

    Other plugins to restrict access to admin areas can be found in the WordPress plugin directory. One I've used before is Admin Menu Editor:

    Hope this helps! And thanks for being a member :slight_smile:

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