Admin toolbar indicates a different subsite than where this page actually lives

I have a page with the shortcode [eab_calendar network=”yes”]. This page lives on the main site of a multisite network. When I visit the page, the admin toolbar says we’re on a subsite of the network, and there is no “Edit Page” button.

I am trying to troubleshoot this, and I just can’t figure out where to look. I’ve been flipping plugins off, testing alternate themes, etc, and I haven’t made any progress.

I am hoping that someone can give me some information about where to look for the cause. It would help to understand what exactly triggers the admin toolbar, and what sort of plugin might be responsible.

Thanks for any suggestions.

  • kalico
    • The Bug Hunter

    Done. I was hoping to avoid this, and just get some feedback or ideas — because my multisite is tricky, because we have two live sites, and the rest are in development.

    But it is the only place you can see the problem. It does not happen on our sandbox site (if you’re looking at my account, it’s the “april” subdomain).

    The “april” site started as an exact duplicate of the “members” site. Then I disabled all the plugins and themes so I could do testing on Events+ issues that had cropped up.

    Eventually, I got the “april” site’s Events+ functionality working fine, and this problem does not occur. Since then, I’ve been trying to make the two sites identical (in terms of active themes and plugins across the network and subsites) but haven’t had any luck triggering the problem on the “april” site, nor eliminating it on the “members” site.

    If you can find any clues, I’ll be grateful.

    I’ve been trying to make the plugins match exactly on both sites and subsites on the two servers, but still haven’t found the trigger that causes the problem.

  • Ivan Shulev
    • The Bug Hunter

    Hey kalico ,

    I hope you are having a nice day so far!

    I see a JavaScript error on the members’ site calendar page:

    ms-admin.js?ver= Uncaught TypeError: jQuery(...).ms_datepicker is not a function

    This error is caused by a script in the memberships 2 plugin, but it should not cause the subsite/no edit page link problem though.

    I would advise you to enable WP Debugging and look at your debug.log file for clues –

    You are more than welcome to post here your findings and we will try to come up with a solution for you :slight_smile:

    I hope this helps and I wish you an awesome day ahead!


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