admin vs. "buddy" bar


This might be a silly question, but, are the "admin bar" and the so-called "buddy bar" the same thing?

The recent version of Worppress has added its own front-end admin bar. On a recent install I'm working on, if I activate it in my user profile, then I see it on the site, but of course it has only WP links, and not the Buddypress links I'm expecting. So I'm kind of assuming they are different....

Otherwise, no admin bar appears. So I feel like it's the Buddypress bar that for some reason isn't showing up, but I don't know where to look. I'm using the BP default template...



  • DavidM

    Hi jennyb and welcome to WPMU DEV!

    WordPress finally integrated an admin bar, I believe it was at version 3.0. Yet BuddyPress still has its own admin bar which is slightly different.

    The options in your profile really shouldn't make any difference when BuddyPress is activated as BuddyPress overrides the admin bar.

    That said, are you sure it's not the BuddyPress admin bar (the buddy-bar) you're seeing?


  • jennybeaumont

    Thanks David!
    Yes, unfortunately I am sure that the WP admin shows (if selected in profile), but the Buddypress bar does not. I'm picking up work on a site started by someone else, though I have reverted to the default theme while I try to work through a few things. So I can't understand why the BP bar isn't showing. Any idea where to start?

    I'm honestly having a lot of trouble understanding how the BP theme integrates with a custom theme! Much to learn!


  • DavidM

    Hi jennyb,

    BuddyPress themes usually are derivatives from the default BuddyPress theme, meaning they usually use the same general structure and templates.

    So with the BuddyPress default theme the BP admin bar is still not showing?

    I guess it's possible there could be a change made elsewhere to revert to using the default WP admin bar when BP is active. Have you tried deactivating the plugins? I'm thinking there could be one in there that's removing the BP admin bar.

    Also, would it be possible to get us a link to the site to see what we might be able to find?


  • jennybeaumont

    Hi David,
    That's correct, even with the BP default theme, the admin bar is not showing. Unfortunately the site is currently in a password-protected dev space that I cannot share. But I will keep plugging away and hopefully figure out what's going on. :slight_smile:

    Quick question: If a custom (but BP-adapted) theme is used (and therefore placed in wp-content>themes, does the BP default still need to be activated? And does it still effect the custom theme?

    Again, this maybe a silly question, but I get the feeling that even when my custom theme is active, some of the styling from the default theme is being used (and therefore conflicting...)

    Ack, so much to learn!

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