Administrator Can't See Admin Pages in Dashboard with Membership

I have a site running the Membership plugin. The initial account that was created when installing WordPress can access everything administratively no problems. I have created a 2nd admin account, but that account is unable to see anything other than a contact plugin I have added when she logs in to the dashboard. I have confirmed that she has admin access (just in case I didn’t do it correctly) so that’s not the issue.

Shouldn’t membership just pick it up and give her admin rights to everything?

  • Kimberly
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    Hi there!

    Actually, membership employs it's own Admin setting. That way you can restrict access to the membership settings to those whom you may trust with your site, but not the membership stuff.

    You can find that setting under Membership>Settings and the Membership Admins Tab :slight_smile:

    Just add the new admin and you're good to go!



    If the above action did not result in the resolution or common end to this ticket then please feel free to come back here for comment. Just be sure you mark "Not Resolved" to re-open or we might miss it! :slight_smile: Thanks!

  • Ben
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    Hey ithackermike – I think you’ll find the solution to your membership permissions at your primary (network site) admin panel – found by hovering on the ‘My Sites’ link on your admin bar at the top, and then heading to Network Admin > Users.

    Within this panel, if you hover over each member name in the list, you’ll see a ‘Membership Permissions’ link, which on clicking will bring up a pop-up. You’ll have various permissions options to tick, and the last option is ‘Super User (has access to all content). I’ve assumed from above you’re wanting to grant this (or a custom set of permissions) to other users on your site.

    Hope this helps,


  • ithackermike
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    Thanks for your quick response. Thats not quite what I'm after. Notice that the second image above is missing the 'Settings' option that is referenced above by Kimberly in her response to plumwd. This 'Settings' option is clearly visible in the Membership tutorial video as well. Meanwhile there is an 'options' menu item that has tabs but lacks the Members Admin Tab.

    My goal is not to create more super-admins. My problem is that previous site admins, authors and editors no longer have access to posts and pages. Here's another screenshot of a pre-existing subscriber who I gave every positive rule to and it only added the 'Posts' link in the WP Dashboard/Admin area. So current admins, editors and authors are unable to edit pages that they are the author/owner of or make new ones.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Ben
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    Ah, I understand, no problem – for some reason the image isn’t showing in the first post properly, but your repost is.

    I can confirm that I do not have a ‘Settings’ pane to my membership options, and so therefore no members admin options there either – I too have the Options pane, with the same tabs as you available. This almost certainly confirms (given I’ve only been using this around 4-6 months) that this was a previous admin layout for the plugin that is in the videos, but no longer used in reality.

    With that said, we can probably assume that the solution to your original problem lies elsewhere – I’m happy to run a fresh install of WP on some test space, and try to replicate the problem – can you just confirm a couple of things was as follows (loosely):

    1. Has the WP install always been a multisite, or did you convert it to multisite after these admins and posts were created?

    2. Have you set up subscriber levels on your site, with varying levels of access? There is a possibility that the way these have been configured in such a way that it has disallowed access to certain areas of the site for set levels of user (one of the primary functions of the subscriptions feature).

  • ithackermike
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Ben, thanks for your help.

    1) yes this has always been a multisite and the users were added after the multisite installation. Also, the site, their accounts, their author, editor and/ot admin role have been in place for a few years.

    2) yes i set up a member and guest subscriptions out of ignorance of how to set the plugin up. I know now that i only need access levels for my application. Do you think deleting the subscriptions would resolve my issue?

    I would appreciate you setting up a test bed to investigate this further.

  • ithackermike
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Heres another screenshot. This time, subscription levels have been deleted and this user has been given superuser membership permissions. I assume the superuser membership permission pertains to the membership plugin in the local site and not a WordPress Superuser at the WP Multisite network level. Either way, this is user still doesn't have access to Pages, Plugins, Appearance etc.

  • ithackermike
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    I’ve updated core WP to 3.9.1 and ran the verify/repair membership table-which never indicated a problem.

    My Administrators do not have a link to Create/Edit Pages(as well as many other admin functions like Appearance) on the wp-admin dashboard.

    Thank you for your help.

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