Admin/Profile/Friends/Messages page missing

HI There

I am really struggling at the moment with my buddypress site. I got my developer to add a function through the php function for the menu bar to only be active when a user was logged in but when that happened I lost some pages and when I click on that page it just says page not found.

Here is the code he inserted... and has since taken off

For that one, I set the Menu to “LoggedIn”. LoggedIn is the name of the menu set I created. Then I edited the Header.php file, added theses codes to the beginning and ending of the nav div area, <?php if ( is_user_logged_in() ) : ?> and <?php endif; ?>.

I am happy to delete all buddypress plugins and features and start again if that helps.

Oh I also have woocommerce installed with a few hundreds products so dont really want to disrupt that.