Admins are unable to save a javascript snippet into a page

I'm hoping you can help me figure this one out. It involves multisite. Basically, when someone is logged in as an "admin" they are unable to save javascript snippet into a page. In my example, I'm using this code to embed a web form from my autoresponder company:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

When signed in as a "super admin" the embed code works fine and saves properly into the page. When logged in as a standard "admin" in multisite then the code is stripped after the page refreshes (after hitting the "update" button). I made a quick silent video to illustrate what I'm referring to:

The same thing happens with Google Maps embed code and YouTube embed code.

Any ideas? I've had other multisite people this behavior doesn't happen for them on their server. Is this a setting somewhere that I'm missing?