Ads Not Showing on Non-Supporter Blog (Pro Site)

We wrap Google ads with the following code to show or hide the banners in the header of all sites on our network, depending upon whether or not it is a Supporter Blog (Pro Site).

if (supporter_hide_ads()) {
	//do not show ads
} else {
	//show ads
<p style=&quot;text-align:center;&quot;>OUR AD CODE IS HERE</p>

Yes, this is the legacy code provided with the Supporter plugin, but it has been working fine ever since the Pro Sites upgrade. I recently noticed, however, that one site in particular is not showing the ads. Upon further investigation, I discovered that the site has never been a Supporter.

I confirmed that another Non-Supporter site using the same theme, is showing the ads. So it's not specific to the theme.

I checked the wp_pro_sites table, and the Site ID in question is not listed.

The attached screenshot shows the _psts and _supporter rows that I found in the _options table for the site in question, yet even after deleting those entries, the ads still do not show. (NOTE: The _withdrawn and _action_log entries were likely only there because I manually extended and withdrew Pro Site status while troubleshooting the ad issue.)

Any idea why the ads would be showing on most non-supporter sites, as they should, but do not show on one specific site? Is there somewhere else in the db I should be looking for the cause?

For example...

Non-Supporter Site with Ads (as should be expected):

Non-Supporter Site without Ads:

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!