Adsharing: Where is the user loging?

The information about Ad Sharing saws that the Users get a Settings > Advertising area to enter their own ad code. But when I log in as a test user with the Author role setting, I do not see a Settings> Advertising section where they can enter their code. How come?

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    Ok, how do I create a sub-site admin. And the name of that scares me. What would be the point of giving authors admin capability? Just doesn't seem right to give them free reign over the site when all I want them to be able to do is post articles and get some revenue sharing.

    Well, if you have a WordPress multisite network, are you giving people "their own" sites (with the ability to choose their own themes, etc.)? If so, those people are sub-site admins...administrators of "their own" sites in your network. They don't have free reign over the entire site (e.g., the main site that you control). They are just admins of their own little slice of the network.

    If the users are nothing more than bloggers on sub-sites that you don't allow them any control over, then you would need to enter the ad codes on the sub-sites yourself. But, then again, if you control all the AdSense code, how do they get a revenue share? If you want them to be able to enter their own ad code, you'll need to make them sub-site admins. Don't worry, that isn't the same as Super Admin. They are still limited as to what they can do.

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