Advanced 3rd party integration with WP site

ATTENTION: Interesting scenario ahead!

We are in the process of redesigning our website and need to keep these integration requirements in mind:
1. Wordpress with Woocommerce
2. Apptivo ( [and many of its apps]

We basically need to use the WP site as the front branding and marketing through the blog. However the site's registration/login should also integrate with the data from Apptivo Apps called via their IP and use the same login for the client's WHCMS account.

Here are the concerns I need your help with:

1. If we connect/run the front and back end processes, due to the increase in the # of resources and database size, the site will become slow and will affect SEO and marketing.

2. Also if the front end goes down for any reason (maintenance,hackers,etc) the clients won't be able to access their account info.

3. I also do not want to send the client to 3 different places to log in and track their account, billing, support, etc. I'd like to keep things separate but seamlessly integrated.

> In order to avoid this I have seen many companies like "" and "godaddy" have their main site under their domain, but once the client logs in they get redirected to a subdomain (

I would like to know if this is a viable option based on the requirements and concerns presented. Also, if it is what are the PROS and CONS of doing this?

Moreover, are there any other possible solutions for this problem?

>> I know this is a large topic but I certainly welcome all of your support and ideas. Thanks

  • Michelle Shull

    Hi there, roberto!

    This is indeed a meaty question. I'll help with as much as I can, but creating a system wherein all four of these solutions work together seamlessly is a bit out of scope for what I can put together in a forum post. I also don't have access to Apptivo or any of its plugins, so that's going to limit my tests and answers.

    What I can do is point you to our WHMCS integration plugin, which will solve a few of these issues for you. It will allow you to integrate WordPress and WHMCS, so your users can have a single login that will grant access to both services.

    I don't have any information on how that integrates with Woo Commerce, but I know it works well with our MarketPress.

    To try to address your individual questions:

    1. That's always a risk. If you're creating a large-scale enterprise solution ala GoDaddy, you'll probably need to consider expanding and upgrading your hardware. You can do a lot to optimize your sites, but to compete with GoDaddy, you're going to need to compete with their hardware, as well.

    2. That's going to be the case with most websites, unless you're hosting administrative areas on separate machines than front end. If a server is down, it's down. What's your security action plan to prevent hacking? How are you planning to protect all of your users' data and personal information?

    3. That's going to be a big job. Like I mentioned above, we've got you covered with integrating WHMCS and WordPress, but you're going to need to integrate Woo Commerce and Apptivo, and any additional add ons for either of those, into your WP/WHMCS integration. You may have some luck on our Jobs Board, but for a project of this scope, with so many parts that are going to be collecting sensitive user information, you're going to want that integration to be air tight in terms of security. If it were me, I'd consider hiring a company, rather than an individual, to create this solution, so you can rest easy that it's 100% fail safe..

    I hope this is helpful!

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