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2 Questions:
1. Is Marketpress compatible with Gravity forms to make sure my marketplace vendors can fill in all their details from the frontend? I would prefer to hide the backend from vendors altogether.
2. Is it possible to set different commission rates for different vendors - perhaps different groups of vendors?

Many thanks :wink:

  • Vaughan


    #1 to be honest, i've never used gravity forms before, so i can't really say with any accuracy. with the way gravity forms works, i would think so, but i couldn't take you through the procedure.

    there are some front-end plugins available though that allow front end posting.

    #2 You can only set one fee across the entire network, and it would be collected as a percentage. To get this setup, you'll need to configure the network gateway. I'm not quite sure where you're at, so I'll just explain from the beginning.

    1. From the network admin dashboard, visit "Settings -> MarketPress"
    2. Enable PayPal Chained Payments, and disable all other gateways.
    3. Enter the fee you would like deducted
    4. Enter the PayPal email address where fees should be sent.
    5. Enter your PayPal API credentials. MarketPress talks to the PayPal API thorugh a PayPal custom application you will need to create. Instructions are provided on the setup screen. This is how the fee can be deducted without the end user knowing any different.
    6. Be sure to update the store message to show the store admins what fee is being deducted.

    Once all this is done, each store admin will see your message on the payments tab of their Marketpress settings. Then will have a field to enter their paypal email address where all of their proceeds will be sent.

    hope this helps

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