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Hi people.

I am trying to think through a site, and there is an issue around membership (not necessarily the Membership plugin, but perhaps) which I could really use a little input on.

I want to be able to display a page or pages on the front end which can only be seen and used by members - but only the currently signed-in member.

I need this to be an automated process, so each member will have access to this private zone when they sign up - and it needs to be on the front-end, not in the admin area,

In this area the member should be able to complete forms and share files, etc, but crucially only that member and site admins should be able to access that information on the front end.

No other members should be able to access it.

Is this do-able...and any ideas on how?

Thanks for your time, guys.

Best wishes, Andrew.

  • PC

    Hello Andrew,

    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    That kind of setup will need a little bit of custom work (if the content displayed needs to be unique for different members)

    However if that is just a general content eg. a google form embedded in a page, then you can simply put that in shortcodes


    And that content will only be visible to the members who belong to that particular level.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.

    Cheers, PC

  • Abaloo

    Hi guys, thanks for the quick responses.

    The content can't be shared between any members. It needs to be only accessible to that member and the site admins.

    The use case is a private area on our website where people can outline the details of their project, and access information on their project - all of which needs to remain as private between ourselves and the client.

    We currently use Basecamp for this, but I am thinking there must be a way to bring this in-house.

    A private post that only they can see may be the answer, but effectively I want them to remain on the front end of the site. So they can complete a form on the front end (that bit I can do with Formidable Pro, no problem there) and everything remains on the front end, but nobody can access it apart from that member.

    Really hope someone can help. And thanks again for your time.

  • PC


    Thanks for posting back and sorry for the delay as I was away due to a family bereavement.

    Basically I want a private client area per client on the front-end. Is that really not possible? You guys seem to do it here at WPMU DEV.

    The only private area here is the user profile and everything else is visible to all users.

    It fetches the details from the clients profile and is highly customized by our team of developers and is not a out of the box solution.

    It will need some custom work and if you are looking for some dedicated help, you can post a job requirement on the Job Board

    Cheers, PC

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