Advanced menu item coding on specific pages!

Hey ! I've tried to make the code myself , but I do not succeed. So I ask you, in the hope of help.
Please take a look on my screenshot! I am building a step by step setup for my visitors. As you can see I've placed 1-4 icons on every menu item. Basically I want my items to turn green when you get to the next "step".

hm.. let me explain. When they are done at the first step "1 webbpaket" ill send them to the next page "2 funktioner". And when they are at "2 funktioner" , "1 webbpaket" item turns green. Only the text! And then, after step two ill send them to step 3. And when they are at step 3 "3 extra" , 1 and 2 turns green. When they visit page 4 I want 1,2,3 to turn green!

It is probably a pretty hard code, but I would really appreciate if you tried!

I have also grant you access! , greetings Marcus!