Advanced question: entering paypal email at sub-blog signup/registration stage

We are building a WPMU site with MarketPress. We will request sub blog owners (store owners) to enter their paypal account email in the signup form (need to customize the original WP signup form). Can anyone help us with the following questions:

1. Which database table does MarketPress save the paypal email to? (so, we can code the customized signup form to save the user entry directly to the database).

2. Do you see any danger or potential problem of doing so? If so, how to avoid it?

We are doing this to avoid store owners "forgetting" to enter their payment info after activating their sub-blog account since there is no reminder to ask them to enter this important information later. So, we'd rather require them to enter the paypal account email at the sign up process.

Thank you for reading my questions :slight_smile: