advertisement being added to feeds

In pro-sites settings super-admin can set "before" and "after" ad codes that will be displayed before and after post and page content. These ad codes are also being added in front of the RSS feeds. I think this is a design bug. Is there any solution to prevent the ads from being added to rss feeds?

  • retos
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    The solution is quite easy, I have done it myself editing ads.php in modules directory.

    Just go to function advertising_output() and locate the else, then there are two lines:

    if ( $psts->get_setting('ads_before_post') ) {

    that should be edited into

    if ( $psts->get_setting('ads_before_post') && !is_feed()) {

    and the line

    if ( $psts->get_setting('ads_after_post') ) {

    that should be edited into

    if ( $psts->get_setting('ads_after_post') && !is_feed()) {

    I would like that the wpmudev developer accepted this changes.

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