Advice asked concerning the use of CustomPress

Hi there,

I'm working with CustomPress for the first time.
There are some questions, which I will number, for the sake of easy answering for you, for which I'd like to thank you in advance.

I have to build a site where a custom post type is needed, called 'Stories'. I need genres (a hierarchical taxonomy) and subjects (a non-hierarchical taxonomy), publishing dates, city, a bit extended author part AND the name of the person who edited the story + a link to their profile.

(Explanation for the need of the 2 names: the stories are written by homeless people, whose bio needs to be rather complete and nicely visible, and the editors are the people who put the stories online and manage the whole site.)

Question 1: is publishing date a standard WP thing that get's added automagically with my custom post type?
Question 2: is a well developed plugin automagically compatible with custom post types? To be more specific: I think about using a plugin for a more sophisticated author part after a story (there is some choice:
Question 3: reading the above: what did I not think of yet? Or do I make any big thinking mistakes?

Thanks for helping out in advance!!
I intend to learn from your answers and use the knowledge for future projects!