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Hello wiser men and women than I!

I want to make a ‘demo’ website to demonstrate to an organization I am a member of (non-commercial) that one like this would much better suit our needs (collaboration in writing, art, other digital media.. but in a hobbyist way fyi) than the stuck-in-time forum from 2004 we still use.

In this demonstration I plan on ‘test running’ the real site by myself creating all the group’s members accounts and areas and whatnot.

Anyway, I notice that the newer plugins don’t involve BuddyPress at all and that BuddyPress is starting to look a bit dated. What are your (1) opinions on BuddyPress v the Community etc plugins for this purpose and (2) what would you recommend for beginners to start with?

There, I made a post.


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    I run a not-for-profit for religious groups – and I am there with you… To Buddy Press or Not to Buddy Press…

    The community plugin seems to have much better traction but it falls short of what Buddy Press can do.

    I kinda think of it as Buddy Press light.

    So – really what you need to think about is do you need all the frills that Buddy Press gives you

    As for us – we started with the community stuff – however ended up moving over to Buddy Press as we wanted (rather ended up needing) to give our users more.

    Do you need individual blogs and/or sites?

    If not – then community I think will fit your needs. . .

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    Hiya AF, thanks for your post.

    Thanks @cloudhopping for chiming in on this one.

    BuddyPress is more about providing social network to your site as compared to Communities plugin which is not just about a network but social features.

    If you are looking forward to let your members register for sites too, then you can use BuddyPress as they can be a part of the social network on the main site and run their own individual sites as well.

    If I were to choose, I would go with BuddyPress as using plugins like BuddyPress activity plus, I can supercharge my BuddyPress site and can also use Groups Events plugin to create events and engage the community.

    I hope that helps. Please feel free to ask if you have more questions on the same.



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