Advice for my website

I had a memorial site set up at this domain name on and off over the past 10 – 15 years. I’ve had offers to purchase the domain name, but nothing substantial enough to sell.

I’m wondering if anyone has advice on using WP to set up a simple memorial site where people can build a memorial page or two on their own? Simple as that. Maybe I’ll have some ad space or affiliate marketing links around the edges – for for instance.

I purchased the name as a place to build a tribute to my deceased brother. I’ve contemplated numerous directions. A couple of purchase offers were based on a whowas directory similar to the whois directory. I’m not crazy about that idea due to the limited usefulness of it…but I don’t know.

Any advice on how WP could be used for this would be appreciated as I fully understand how to set it up, create the design, child themes, php, css, add plug-ins, etc. And I’d also welcome your interest in working together on this concept.

Thank you.