Advice for setting up a small web hosting business?


Just wondering if there is a standard checklist of plugins, theme(s) and other steps for setting up a small web hosting site.

I’ve been reading tons of content on these threads and on the product pages for the various plugins. Things are getting clearer but still some (ok, a lot, lol) of confusion.

The business model is simple…

I meet with local business and help them figure out how to advertise and market online. From time to time I run accross a merchant that would like me to help them with the hosting of their website. I’ve been referring this business out but would like to start retaining this business for obvious reasons.

So I’m looking for some advice and tips on how to set up my own modest hosting biz for simple, low maintenance websites.

I have VPS hosting, cPanel, adding WHMCS

and expecting to use the following plugins…

1. WHMCS WP Integration

2. WHMCS MU Provisioning

Not sure what other plugins are must haves? I don’t think that I’ll need “Pro Sites” for this business setup.

For my main site (site of the hosting business name) I am not sure if I should set it up as a multisite or single site install?

All websites hosted will not be part of a community – they are all very separate. I want my main website to allow for the purchase and ongoing billing of the hosting.

Theme: I would like to use the “Business Services” theme but my understanding is that if I want to use the “WHMCS WP Integration” plugin that I must use the “Portal Theme”? Is that correct? Or can I use the Business Services or other themes?

Can’t find the “Portal Theme”. Is there a link to a demo/product page for this theme?

Any other tips or items for a check list would be appreciated. This website is just for add on sales for my current business. Will probably sell the hosting for $5-7/mth.

Thank You :slight_smile: