ADVICE Needed *** PLEASE ****

Am confusing myself terribly and need some advice regarding the following sceneario

1. User signs up as to Free Membership (Membership plug-in) then upgrades to Premium Founder Member in Member plug-in

2. ACL for Premium Founder Member allows him admin access to his site and the ability to access the Secure Invite plugin and unlocks the ability to set up his own blog

3. Set user role to Premium Founder Member (equivalent to Sub Site Admin) *** am going to have to code set user role here ***

4. ACL then unlocks Pro Sites and redirects user set up his own blog? or is there another way

5. He registers his blog as

6. Once set up > User now has option from his new blog to Secure Invite 10 members using Secure Invite plug-in which checks his user role, and allows him 10 invites

7. Invited member receives invites and joins mainsite as Free Membership User and then upgrades to Premium Member (or should I just write a role to DB setting his role as Premium Member?)

8. He is assigned role of Premium Member which allows him access to Secure Invite plugin on his “invited site”

9. Based on his role, Secure Invites allows him to invite 5 members to the site he was originally invited to.

Main Plugins

Membership >> sets ACL levels to controll access to content and plugins

MarketPress >> originally set up Premium and Premium Founder memberships as a “Once off buy Product” >> but not sure if it is needed in above scenario

Pro Sites >> Allows user to set up his own site

Secure Invite Plugin >> allows user MLM invite capability and calcilates commissions on sign ups’s

Affiliates >> not in use currently, active but serves no purpose

BP Login Redirect >> unsure how to deploy in above scenario

BuddyPress Groupblog >> *** not sure if is needed or has an effect on above scenario

All I want to do is allow free membership sign up to main site >> with options for all users to upgrade to Bronze, Silver memberships which allows them monthly paid sub to different level content multisite wide

Then I want an option that is called Premium Founder member which allows a user to pay a once off registration fee, and unlocks the ability for him to set up his own sub domain blog and invite 10 members to HIS site

Those he invite are called Premium Members, and they again can invite 5 members to the blog/site they were invited to. and so it goes on… They also need to be by default Free members to the main blog

On the Secure Invite plugin I have a thread running at