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I need some advice, for what I am trying to do I already know bespoke development will be required, what I am trying to work out is the combination of plugins that will minimise this work to get the functionality I require.

1) A Vendor website will be of a specific category e.g. Tennis club, Hotel.

A Vendor can specify times when their facilities are available for booking and at what price e.g tennis court for 1 hour blocks, hotel room for 1 day blocks

2) Each Category website available events needs to be collated in a central website that can display all these events and prices

3) When an event is booked then the availability is removed from the central website too or shown as booked

4) When the price of the room changes this is also relfected in the central website

5) A customer that has signed up as a Member can book and pay for an Event posted by a Vendor via the central website

Really worried about plugins not working together and support for them when Wordpress upgrades or the plugins themselves do.

Hence a genuine desire to stick with WPMU Dev plugins to get this completed. Here is my intial thoughts:

1) Multi-site Wordpress
2) Events Booking plugin
3) Members plugin
4) Google Maps plugin

Should be straight forward to set up indivual websites for the Vendors having their access to the Event-Booking plugin.

Can I collate all the Event-Booking posts into one central website that only Members can book?

When they book will it filter down to the Vendor website?

Also, if a customer books the event via the Vendor website will it filter up to the central website?

Think that about explains it all.

If your plugins are not the best for this are there ones you reccomend that will work with your Members plugin e.g. Event Planner

Your advice will be most welcome on this.

Kind regards,

  • aecnu
    • WP Unicorn

    Greetings Yusef,

    I do not think this combination of plugins will perform your desires due to the details of managing booking.

    It is my opinion that you should find a great booking plugin and build the rest around it. Here is one that may certainly meet your needs, the Booking Calendar plugin

    I envision:

    1) Multi-site Wordpress
    2) Booking Calendar plugin
    3) Google Maps plugin
    4) Network theme

    The Network theme which shows the first heading of each section of your MultiSite like hotels, whatever, etc.

    Hopefully my suggestions will help give you a better vision of your future network.

    Cheers, Joe

  • mroracle
    • Site Builder, Child of Zeus

    Hello Joe,

    Many thanks for the guidance.

    I am setting up a 3 or 4 website proto-type environment to test out the various combinations I have in mind, the Network master and 2 or 3 sub-domain websites.

    FYI the more I look at the requirements the more it looks like a BuddyPress thing with each party needing to sign up to the correct group.

    Due to the money the clients are spending on this then only plugins with a proven history of excellent support can be used, which translate to premium.

    Will test out your recommended combination first and take it from there.

    Again, many thanks,


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