Advice on image pop up similar to marketpress

Hello, Im using marketpress, and I like the product page and how the product image opens up in a zoom pop up window if you click on it…

I wanted to add a small second image in with my text so people can click on the 2nd image to see better detail of the material or even a second image of the product.

Of course i will just add a second image to the product post, but was wondering if there was a way or a plugin or code that can utilize the marketpress zoom popup effect? I’m hoping to have this 2nd image zoom into a pop up when clicked also….

anyone have any tips or advice to do this? I was thinking I could use nextgen gallery, but thought that was over kill just to do 1 extra image per product.. plus Im feeling like there must be already something in marketpress that zooms, so maybe I can call it somehow?