Advice on Launching a DIY Website Network


I’ve decided to create a network specifically for people that want to create a site on their own. They would choose the template, choose the plugins and customize the settings themselves.

I will follow a lot of the advise given here:

However I also had other requests and wanted to see if you can help me answering these and also give me general advise on launching this the right way.

1. I want the to create a marketplace of premium themes where the user can preview it, choose the color, and view the desktop and mobile version.

Here is an example: and

2. Is there a plugin or theme out there specifically designed to sell premium themes or DIY sites?

3. Do you recommend me charging a One Time theme price AND the monthly hosting or just the hosting?

4. I need some feedback on pricing. Example: how much for themes, how much for hosting, how much per plugin, etc.

> I respect and appreciate your feedback and advice in advance. Thanks :wink:

  • Patrick
    • Support Monkey

    Hey there @roberto_diaz

    I hope you are well today!

    Developing, launching & maintaining such a project is quite an undertaking. Good on ya for going for it! :slight_smile:

    1. The best and simplest option I can recommend for that is to use our New Blog Templates plugin. It comes with an option to showcase site templates with links to demo sites so your users can view them on any devices they choose to. Evidently, it would help if the themes you use on your template sites are responsive. :slight_smile:

    2. DIY sites, see above. For premium themes and/or plugins, have a play with our Pro Sites plugin:

    3. That really depends on your client-base and how you want to structure your business model. Also, remember that hosting a standalone site is completely different from enabling one-click setup of sub-sites in a WordPress multisite network with the plugins I noted above. So you would need to clear that up first. :slight_smile:

    4. That’s rather difficult to answer as, again, it depends a lot on your client-base, what type of packages you’re offering, their level of expertise, etc. As for hosting prices, you can get a very good idea of market value by scoping out other hosting companies.

    It’s important to point out though in this last point that we have no plugin available that enables you to sell plugins or themes individually. You can include them in upgrade packages with Pro Sites though.

    I hope this helps!

  • xtremewebsites
    • Design Lord, Child of Thor

    Hi @patrick Cohen

    Thanks for answering point by point, below are my comments:

    1. Already had that in mind and will definitely use it. However, I specifically wanted that top banner so I can include the “desktop mode” and “mobile mode” and also the buy now button, like the examples previously provided. Any way to achieve this specifically?

    2. Will use that as well.

    3. This will be a division of our company specifically for people that cannot afford a custom site but still need a website up and running quickly. Most of the audience will not have little to none technical experience so the easier I make it for them the better. I am also aware of the hosting differences of running a MS vs a Stand-alone site, that’s why I was planning on having hosting & emails included with the monthly usage fee. However they will not have access to a cpanel, FTP or anything like that.

    4. Got it!

    5. I also wanted to ask you (since I’ve always had this question on the back of my mind) wouldn’t running a really big WP Multisite with 1000’s of sites slow down the sites drastically, vs running less than 100? This is because I now have a separate MS with 20 sites, but I’ve always been afraid if I keep growing it, it will get really slow. However I see is possible since Edublogs says has 1M sites. How would you cope with this?


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