Advice on level settings for Pro Sites

Hi there,

I am trying to create a Pro Sites with the following functionality and require some help in the level settings:
1. Subscribers can pay for per site
2. Subscribers can pay for unlimited sites

I tried setting up the Pro Sites level and realise that every time the subscriber tries to create a new site, they are being prompted to do the payment.

Any advice on how to create the level such that I can allow subscribers to subscribe on these two schemes?

Thank you,

  • Vaughan

    Hi Adrian,

    Hope you're well?

    This question gets asked a lot, and it's not possible to do with pro-sites. Pro Sites doesn't concern itself with whether the user purchasing a site has another Pro site. It's just concerned about the status of the sites themselves.

    It doesn't control access to content or concern itself with user abilities at all, just what the site can do.

    It could be possible to custom code this though and check if the user wanting to create a site is a member of a pro-site and if so limit them to the amount of sites they can create, it wouldn't be easy tho.

    But consider what happens when an ordinary user signs up on 1 of those subsites & decides to create a site himself, what happens then? is that user limited to the original sites levels, or the site he just created, what happens if the same user buys a level 3 pro-site & a level 1 pro-site?, what happens then if 1 of his level 3 pro-site members creates a level 2 subsite? is he bound by the same rules as that pro-site admin?. It's a complex case to get around, so you can see the dilemma.

    Hope this helps a little.

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