Advice on my plan, please.

I am still new to WP and to MU, but I believe that this is the best platform to use to build my projet on. But, I need some tactical advice about how to proceed with the build out.

Are there certain themes and plugins I should install or activate before others to get the easiest and most advantageous outcome. Provided below, I am providing an outline of what I am trying to do.

I am hoping that you can point me in the right direction, using WPMU components.


Indymall.CO/ is a local public “utility”. It offers free general info from the interface, article directories, and other features of the complex. Visitors must register and be logged in to participate in the discussion groups, to setup a personal profile, and to generally contribute to the community through the mall interface, in groups, forums, blogs, article submissions, etc.

– IndyMetroCafé.com – official Indymall Magazine/Blog. Should be able to draw content from across the network.

– Classified Ads – Post Free Ads for two weeks with one or two images.

Longer duration or more images require paid placement.

– Marketplace – providing an Etsy-style experience for local businesses and individuals to sell their products.

>Three Membership Levels at the outset.

• Social Club Membership – Includes site membership beyond just the community experience, it allows access to participate an most of the features available through the site network.

• IndySaversClub – Newsletter subscription, personalized coupon offers

• Featured Business Club – For paid business memberships. It provides a wealth of services and opportunities, including participation in the Marketplace, a Business Profile/Showcase similar to a Facebook account and Fan Page, access to post articles and images promoting the business, products or special offers.

• IndyBizBlogs – members may manage their own blog in the Biz Blog Forum.

• IndyBizGalleria – A categorized directory of webpages, featuring featured business homepages or landing pages. Searchable directory of member websites, in classified galleries. (see Currently, in the form of browse-able Niche or Geo-oriented Galleries of Client Web Pages using inline tabbed iframe DHTML(?) scripted, tabbed Document Viewer. Tabbed Document Viewer (Currently set up in HTML) “tabbed document viewer” Can this effect be used in WordPress? IFrame deployment across an entire MU network. I want to make the feature a signature of my products. It is a directory of pages presented visually in a tabbed gallery, organized by niche, or as a part of a collection of related pages. And, of course a responsive, templated alternative website for smart phones and other devices will need to be available.

• Business Article & Link Directory – WYSIWYG page editor for submitting articles, advertising copy, press releases, white papers, reports, etc. Pages may include use of branding images and photos, and video.

• IndyBizBlogs – Blog Forum for Featured Businesses. There is a WPMU plugin that I think is ready made for this one.

• Business Card Bulletin Boards – Biz Card Bulletin Board with associated post, using a photo gallery that allows for a headline and a caption on each photo. Also, the caption should provide one hyperlink to the client’s site, or profile. Clicking on the card should open the post page to reveal the card bearer’s promotional and business information.

• – Coupon & Discount Card Directory, I need to provide customizable, printable coupons, as well as a digital coupon code. Coupon specials appear in the client’s showcase, as well as in the searchable and browse-able coupon directory.

I plan to use photo galleries to display local business cards. Probably a photo gallery with captioning. (Currently using CovertPinpress Theme, see cardboards.

• – classified shopping for products from local businesses and in-house stores (Individual stores, independent checkout). They can supply their own shopping cart or contract to use ours.


IndySocial.Net –Indianapolis Social Club

City Calendar – Magazine pages on Home Page about local events and highlights info available on the Calendar. Community Activities and Events Calendar (Currently using

Indymall Groups – Discussion Groups – (Commons in a Box, or Community)

IndyPixnVidz – Photo and Video Directory

IndyArcade – Video Games


INDYMETROCAFÉ – Official Blog of the IndyMetroNetwork and Indymall.CO – Local News, Weather, Sports, Traffic, Etc. – online version of each local area publication

IndyFunnyPages – Comedy, comic strips, jokes, movie reviews & interviews

IndyMediaCenter – Audio/Video posts

Indy Map Room – Yahoo, Ping or Google Maps

QuickPrayer.Net – Virtual 24/7 prayer vigil. Accepting both private and public prayer requests. The private requests are sent via email and are either read by a volunteer or are logged and deleted, but still included into the corporate prayers. Public requests are posted as a blog post, and are read and prayed over all day. Each day, screened, volunteers produce prayers based upon the prayer requests, news and events of the day, and by direction of the Holy Spirit.

Article & Link Directory for General Topics (using Article-Directory Plugin and Theme) See:


Classified Ads with:

POST FREE CLASSIFIED ADS with 1 or 2 images for up to two weeks.

PAID ADS, listing rates are based upon the number of images(4-10 photos) and duration of run. Registration required to submit ads. Ads must be reviewed by mall management before being published.

Indy Savers Club – signup and order page for Club Cards, Coupons and Frugal Living. The customers need to be able to print a coupon or get a coupon code. The businesses need to be able to publish a coupon with images to the coupon directory and to their websites. Then it‘s mailed through mailing list. They should be SEO optimized.