Advice on Optimal Combination of Plugins

I have a very general question that I am hoping you can help me with. I am certain that through the right combination of wpmudev plugins, that I can achieve my goal. First, here are my objectives:

1. Users can create events, and charge admission for these events with the PayPal money going directly to them - no money collected by the network. This happens preferably on the front end. All events can be tagged using global tags across the network.

2. "Pro" users can create a set number of events hosted on a page on the network which they can change, brand, etc. The network PayPal account receives the money for this membership fee.

3. All users can create a personal site documenting their experiences at the events they have attended.

So it'll be a MultiSite. The ProSites plugin looks vital here, as does Global Site Tags. The main question is whether Events+ or Marketpress is a better fit for the creation of events by users. Events is made to create events, but I am still unsure about the user-level event creation. Marketpress seems to have more of the functionality, and would just require me to tweak some of the language used by the plugin (product vs event, etc).

Any thoughts? I thought it would bee best to reach out to the experts here! You guys really offer a great product ad service - looking forward to working with you and the tools you've created!