Advice on the uses for the Tick it Plugin

I am writing to ask if anyone thinks/knows whether or not I can use this plugin in the way that I'd like to use it.

I am trying to turn my simple wordpress into a MU site. I'm doing this so that people can sign up any have their own websites on my site.

With the signup, I was going to give them a free wedding checklist. Currently, it's in a printable format. BUT, I was hoping I could create it with this plugin and have it be part of every person's sign up. I would like it if they can add and take away items as they wish.

Anyone know?
Here's the link again:

Any advice/opinions appreciated. I've bought a lot of plugins that didn't end up doing what I expected so hope I don't make that mistake again.

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    Greetings and thanks for posting on the forums.

    While I have never used this plugin, from the description, I do not think it might work for you.

    Tick It is a simple WordPress to-do widget to display your achievements and progress for your readers. Add your to-do items in a widget, update your progress and your visitors will see how far you advanced. See the right sidebar with our demo Tick It widget.

    It looks like it does not integrate with signup forms.

    Lets see if other members have got some views on this.

    Cheers, PC

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    Hey @annasusmiles

    Thanks for posting back.

    We might have more ideas on this if you can please elaborate on what exactly you are trying to achieve here.

    You are willing to offer subsites on your network, and allow people to create sites that is cool and simple enough.

    What are you willing to do with the tick list while signup ? Allow them to download stuff ? I am not really sure of the idea behind this.

    We might have workarounds but will certainly need some more info on it.

    Cheers, PC

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