Advice On What To Make A Category, Taxonomy, Custom Post Type And Tag

I am having the hardest time trying to decide what to make a custom post type, category, taxonomy, and tag.

I’m moving my html site over to wordpress (… there is already a blog on a subdomain. I figure I’ll be making some changes as far as structure is concerned.

I was thinking of making of all my real wedding features a custom post type (currently on and assigning taxonomies like location and photographer name to them… not sure why these wouldn’t be tags though? Any ideas???

Since the content I’m moving from my html site all end with .html I was thinking of making them “pages” so that I can use one of the “Add html to end of pages” plugins. With taxonomies I could link content between pages and posts and if I decide to create them, custom posts too.

But honestly, I have no idea if I should be doing it this way.

Also, I have no idea what to name them all. I currently have very keyword specific names for pages and categories, but think that it might be considered over-optimization.

Pleeeease… any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    1. Categories and pages are hierarchical

    2. Posts and taxonomies are flat

    3. Custom post types can behave as posts or pages. Which you chose is a matter of whether you want to be able to assign parents.

    A custom taxonomy sounds like something you’ve got a good grip on.

    Custom post types are useful when you need to add a bunch of extra data to an object then call it all back through the loop. A good example is a restaurant menu.

    + The custom post type would be “dishes”

    + Taxonomies would include things like: ingredients, meal type, and dietary category (gluten free? vegetarian?). They are non-hierarchical and a dish can appear in multiple areas without conflict. It can be for brunch and lunch at the same time.

    + Images would be attached to the post for a gallery.

    You would then display the “dish” along with all the data you have collected. On the lunch menu, you would just pull the featured image, price, and a short description. You would show an index of everything on the menu. You might even filter the sections by taxonomy (noodle dish? beef dish?)

    If you don’t need to attach a bunch of extra data to a post then you don’t need a custom post type.

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    Thanks so much guys. I really appreciate all of your help!

    My site is and

    Currently is an html site and the blog is wordpress. I’m moving all of the content over to wordpress.

    Different sections include Inspiration, Tips, Supplies To Love, Real Weddings, DIY, (eventually) a gallery, and (eventually) a Toronto section and Toronto directory

    I THINK those would be parent categories… except maybe for maybe the gallery, Toronto section and Toronto directory which would make sense as custom post types (I think).

    I have started to create regular categories like – fall inspiration, summer inspiration, cheap wedding cakes, invitation ideas, wedding flower ideas, etc etc.

    I’m a bit confused because I’m not sure if I should move over the keywors and url I’m using now (i.e. fall-wedding-ideas.html, summer-wedding-ideas.html) as the head category page url’s. I got hit by panda and am trying to do things differently and more real (whatever that means).

    Is it better in the long AND short term for me to use taxonomies instead of categories. OR… perhaps I should taxonomies instead of tags.

    I don’t want to overcomplicate things. While I am confused now, I want to make sure that I’m building this out for growth in the long term.

    Thanks so much btw for replying to my post. I really appreciate it.


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    Remember that categories are hierarchical. If you don’t need to assign a parent, use tags instead.

    If your structure looks like this:



    – spring

    – summer

    – fall

    – winter


    – wedding

    — square

    — round

    – birthday

    — kids

    — adults

    In that case you want to use categories. If that seems obsessively detailed to you, then you’re probably looking at situation where a flat tag structure makes more sense.

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