Advice on woocommerce products with many variations

I am thinking about moving some sites from OpenCart to woocommerce. I have some products at this site where the products have at least 21 size options and 3 color options.

Setting up the variations in woo for products with this many options takes forever, whats the trick if you need to bulk add products?

Since I have my products setup in opencart I can use the migration tool from these guys: which seems to work well when I tested the demo.

So in opencart if I want to make a change to one of my product options for ALL products that have the same option I can install a plugin that will let me batch copy my options from one product to any or all other products.

Is there anything like that in woo? So if I want to add a size to all I DONT have to go to each product individually and add/update the variations?

Is one of the CSV import/export tools the way to go?

Thanks for any tips :slight_smile: