Advice please! Looking to create a user generated glossary- is Wordpress Wiki the way to go?

Hi guys, I was wondering if some of you would be willing to share your thoughts on the following.

While it is within the realm of the possible that our community at some point might start a full blown wiki and the moment I think it’s more than we can handle.

That being said I do think we could manage something along the lines of a user generated glossary of terms.

So here is my question!

Do you think Wordpress wiki is a good rout to go for a glossary?

One reason (and I could be wrong) I thought this plug-in might be viable is if our glossary ends up being successful we could then look at implementing a more robust use of the wiki plugin and there would need to switch over from another plugin.

At any rate I would really appreciate and thoughts/advice people including the dev’s can offer.

Lastly if it isn’t the best rout can any of you please suggest an alternative?