Advice wanted on best combination of plugins for multisite business

This is an Enquiry about the best combination of plugins and structure to use on a multisite installation for a online/offline business with a members club being developed. I am concerned with using to many plugins and want to ensure I’m using the best combination as i know many functionalities come in multiple plugins i.e coupons and i also want to keep as simple & quick as possible for the end user. I also have concerns with compatibility between different plugins but hope that using mainly wpmu dev plugins will minimise this

The club will consist of mainsite that will source content from various professionals and businesses as it grows.
This can include sites/blog/social media pages from both in and outside the multisite network.

The multisite will also sell products that can be on separate brand shops or integrated to be displayed into one shop.

The club provides a combination of advice (professional consultation) and products.

Members of the club will need either member based pages or sites where the members will have private confidential information that can only be shared with selected professionals not all other members
Members can create content and choose to share with members or post elsewhere this might include affiliate bonus

Online appointments will be able to be made and consults pre paid. On consultation professional information that is provided to each member needs to remain private between the health professional and the client/member. This information should remain accessible to the client with some fields editable by the member and some only by the professional

I have purchased formidable forms plugin to collect and streamline information . i.e pre consultation information gathering, consultation notes and client feedback

products would be sold to members depending on their membership level at different discounts i.e wholesale plus 20% or plus 40%
some products would be restricted to professional products recommended. these need to be selected or have a product code added so the customer can use when ordering.
other more general products would be freely available to be purchased by each member. as mentioned above some form of affiliate marketing might be used

on a fresh install i have recently installed the following wpmu dev plugins
wpmu dev dashboard
ultimate branding
membership premium
wp smush pro

I have held back on installing other wpmu dev plugins that i think will be required or useful at this point like affiliates, cloner, youtube featured video, ultimate Facebook, pay with like, site categories, new blog templates

non wpmu dev plugins I’ve used are
child theme configurator (lilaea media)
elegant builder (elegant themes)
elegant updater (elegant themes)

Im using child theme of the Divi theme (elegant themes)
I tried using wpmu spirit but had some issues

I appreciate the complexity of this request so a million thanks in advance
I am happy to start from scratch again if better i.e. i should be using different plugins that fit my needs better and don't want reminence of installed plugins causing issues .

in short there is way to many plugins to choose from I guess that's good problem to have ? Just need to pick the right combo


  • Jude

    Howdy Bruce !!

    Hope you're doing great !

    I see you've done some good initial research already. I'll just cut to the chase

    1) Replace Membership with Protected Content, same features but PC is better
    2) Consider CustomPress for storing non standard data as post types
    3) I still don't see how you will create private sections on the sites.

    Also you're overall approach seems fine, Im however warning you that a project of this scale will invariably require custom code to glue together.

    Im not sure exactly but Divi seemed to have some conflicts with a couple of our plugins a few months ago. There were tickets with their support system but Im not sure if fixed.

    Finally I learnt this after many years with WP. Ask your self if you're site wont work / will stop working without this plugin, unless the answer is a sure yes don't use it.


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