Affilates as USERS (not link clicks) earning commission on referred subscribers

I want registered users of my Multisite BuddyPress blog to be the ONLY affilates (as in no outside sites or blogs), preferably each registered user automatically gets assigned an affilate ID, They ONLY earn commission by recruiting new members to the blog who complete registration via Membership Premium. From that moment on, if that new recruit, ups his "subscription package" to say a bronze or silver package, his "recruiter" eans commission, if that recruits buys anything via MarketPress the recruiter earns commission. I dont want to track clicks to sites and blogs, just sales in MarketPress and sign ups in Membership.

The new recruit is "bonded" to the person who recruited him forever, parent>child relationship... Now the trick is, if the new recruit recruits a new member, BOTH he/she AND the original parent earns commission, up to 5 levels deep, 5 across on each tier.

I don't want to let go of my Affiliates/Membership/MarketPress plugins... BUT i need a solution DESPERATELY, and I have been asking and buying up handfuls of plugins e.g. WP MLM Pro plugin, to try and bastardise a solution.

I will pay 500-750 USD for a solution, even if it does the fundamental work for now, which is allow a member to recruit another 5 members, and them in return 5 more each, down to five levels... I was thinking of snazzy stuff way using jquery to show a hierachial tree ( but for now if i can have a parent/child page, where the top owner/member in a BP GROUP, can recruit his downline and see their earnings, I would be over the moon...

I dont know what more to ask, HELP HELP HELP, I am an old ASP programmer and this is beyond my capability, I have an idea and I need a solution in order to satisfy a client... My skype is and I am on GMT+2 and on till 2-3 every night.... someone save me