We're trying to integrate Affiliates URLs with another program and are having a challenge...

Need to know if the Affiliates Plugin allows "3rd party cookies"???

Their Explanation of the requirement...
"There is something called 3rd party cookies, which basically means that the affiliate tracking cookie isn't being dropped directly from your site, but through a 3rd party. This is how we are able to award both points and affiliate credit from a single link. As long as the affiliate program will allow 3rd party cookies (which almost every single one does), then it will work."

Would greatly appreciate a swift response!


  • Barry

    Need to know if the Affiliates Plugin allows "3rd party cookies"???

    Not sure what you mean, and the description doesn't really help. If you mean cookies that are stored via a different domain then no, the affiliates plugin (and most other cookie reading code) can only read cookies stored on its own domain due to web browser security limitations.

    If you mean that a different system stores the cookie on the same domain, then as long as it stores the correct information then yes it will read and process them.

  • Me

    Hi. Thanks for responding. I actually asked the question wrong...

    I am trying to run a contest with a plugin within wordpress. You can enter the contest as a Contestant - with just an email address -- OR -- as a Contestant with an email address and an Affiliate link. So the plugin allows for an extra step in addition to entering the contest with your email by entering your affiliate url so that contest entrants are tracked to you. That way if a contestant purchases in the future they get affiliate credit for future sales.

    This is the contest shortcode... [contest_links contest=contest_name affiliate_url=yes] ... which looks like this in the html...

    <iframe class="contest_links_frame" width="100%" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" style="border:none;overflow:hidden;width:100%;" src="">

    The contest software is assuming we are using a 3rd party affiliate software such as infusionsoft or 1shoppingcart so the cookie would be dropped from a third party site. However, with Affilates, we are not getting the cookie elsewhere but within our site.

    When I test it to see if it is tracking (1. join contest, 2. add affiliate code, 3. use affiliate's contest link to enroll new contestant)... the new contestant should show up under that affiliate, but it does not appear to be tracking... nothing shows.

    I'm not selling anything at this point so I wasn't using marketpress or directory, etc. but I thought it would track contest signups based on Affiliates links so I could track affiliate activity.

    Based on what I've told you... should it work? Maybe I'm missing something (very possible :slight_smile:???


  • Mason


    I thought it would track contest signups based on Affiliates links so I could track affiliate activity.

    If I'm reading this correctly then the only thing you're really looking for the Affiliates plugin to do is to track signups to this particular contest, correct?

    If so, then you'll need some custom development to let the Affiliate know what a successful "signup" looks like. By default the Affiliate plugin just watches for WordPress user signups. Something custom would need to be written to watch for a contest signup.

    Hope that helps. Thanks!

  • PC


    We haven't heard from you on this one from long and to manage the support threads efficiently, I am marking this one as resolved.

    This is not being done to avoid your issue, in any ways. Its just a routing process we follow to make sure that the active threads are taken care of effectively.

    If you need any further help/suggestion then please feel free to reopen the thread or create a new one as needed and we would just be around.


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