Affiliate Commisions on BULK Upgrades

I wonder if 2 years later (according to last posts) you have found the solution to paying affiliate when the visitor purchase in BULK.

I think it is imposible that someone forgot to implement it. On the payment page I have 4 buttons and promote all the visitors to buy in BULK but just found out that all my affiliates wont be paid. Very disappointed will be all my affiliates.

Please give me a work around (php tips or whatever) if possible since this is a MUST.

We use AFFILIATE plugin for the 4 buttons or we simply don’t pay affiliates. Otherwise they will think we are cheating them by not paying them whenever their clients buy in bulk.

What do you do guys with EDU BLOGS? How do you pay affiliates who sell in BULK? I am wondering :slight_smile:

Thanks for great support everywhere!