Affiliate commisions recognition


On affiliate options there are advanced setting where users can fill in there own url for example there own site maindomain/username
I have made a template that users can use for their own site, on that template i have placed a direct to a squeezepage. If visitors fill in there email on the optin of that squeezepage they will get automated folow ups, in one of the folow ups they will get the registration page on the same main domain as from the user but without his username maindomain/registration instead of maindomain/user/registration will he stil get that commision if visitors do the payment in the set period days for affiliates? As i had understood the affiliate system well then when someone clicks on maindomain/user wich url is set in advanced settings then a cookie gets placed and if the visitor do a payment later on maindomain/registration then the user will get the commission in the set period of time is that correct actualy because of the recognition of the ip adress from the user that was recognized twice first by clicking on the users url and after by registering on the main domain and this recognition identifies the user wich gets the commission? Is that correct...