Affiliate credits

I am looking at the affiliate plugin and need to know with 100% certainty that it will do the job, I will be using it in conjunction with Membership.

You see, I need it to do more than give an affiliate a unique link and off they go. Let me lay out the chronology as I see it…

An affiliate becomes an affiliate and promotes the summit. Someone clicks to the summit through the affiliate link. They sign up to attend the summit. Then, while they attend the summit, they decide that they want to purchase the summit. This sale then registers on the affiliate’s account who originally brought them to us. You can see by this that it’s not as simple as an affiliate sale. The prospect has to be pinged with a cookie or something so that if they come back to purchase the take home package membership from us (even if they come straight to us at that point), the affiliate account needs to be credited with the sale. We have to be sure of this specific function or risk burning our affiliates which would destroy the business. But really, we need to make certain that this plugin will handle this complexity.