Affiliate error regarding not posting credits

I found that not all paid:prosites record entries have added the credit amount. For example in image below, there are 6 paid signups but the affiliate only has credit for 5. I went to the affiliaterecords table and edited the record to change the amount but apparently that is not sufficient because it is not reflected in the balances.

1. There must be a bug that caused the problem. The record was created but not correctly.
2. Although I do not want to babysit all of the transactions to find errors, if I do like in this case what can I do to correct the error and have it display also in the credit balance?

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello antKat,

    I hope you're well today and thank you for your question!

    I presume that you confirmed that all those six paid members did actually make payment and their sites got activated, is that correct?

    Could you please let me know what the db record that you corrected manually included before that correction? Also, would you mind granting me an access to the site in question so I could take a closer look at your current setup?

    Best regards,

  • antKat

    Hi Adam,
    I can confirm that all 6 actually paid, however, just to add confusion to the mix, I am having problems with some sites having successful transactions but not activating; See:

    However, what is confusing with this account is that there was one of the six that did not activate and I had to manually extend in Pro Sites (User ID#666 Site#681), however, that site DID have the correct affiliate records.

    The site that did not have the credit is Affiliate ID#641, User ID#667 & Site ID#682. For that affiliate connection, all 3 rows were added (signup:user, signup:blog & paid:prosites but the amount for paid:prosites was 0.0000. (We pay 1.00 ongoing affiliate commission).

    The 3 rows for this affiliate relationship are currently as follows in the DB showing the correction of amount to 1.0000

    2016-02-19 20:39:20

    2016-02-19 20:41:59

    2016-02-19 20:42:00

  • Adam Czajczyk

    Hello antKat!

    I have not received an answer on how I can manually fix this affiliate error.

    Affiliate data is stored in database and it seems that correction should be made by changing db record directly. That's a risky operation and I think Milan didn't want to suggest anything without prior consultation with plugin developer. There are three tables related to the plugin and as none of us wrote plugin's code we're simply not 100% sure if changing a single record wouldn't affect other settings and/or affiliate data.

    That's why my colleague Milan forwarded the case to Affiliate developer.

    Having that said, I checked the database and I think the correction should be fairly simple if you're familiar with direct database editing with phpMyAdmin.

    The table to edit would be "wp_affiliatedata" (please note that if you changed default WP prefix in "wp_config.php" file before WP installation, the table name will start with that prefix instead of "wp_"!).

    To make a correction you would want to search "wp_affiliatedata" table by "user_id" filed, using an ID of the affiliate you'd like to correct. This will bring a number of rows so select the one that includes the same values that are presented on the screenshot you attached to your initial post.

    On the screenshot, the table includes columns:

    - Unique clicks
    - Signups
    - Paid Members
    - Credits
    - Debits
    - Payments
    - Balance

    In database the fields' names are (accordingly):
    - uniques
    - signups
    - completes
    - debits
    - credits
    - (balance is not in database, it's calculated "on the fly")

    The correction should go to "credits" field where you would need to update the value to correct.

    Please note however that until we get a response from developer I cannot say with 100% certainty that this will indeed properly correct payment data and will not break anything else. That said, please be advised that you would need to make a full database backup prior to performing described operation and until plugin developers confirms that I'm right you may only do this at your own risk. I apologize for the inconvenience but this is for safety of your site and all the data of your site. I believe you understand my point.

    Kind regards,

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