Affiliate Login Generation? And Manual Affiliate Adds

Hi there,

I have a question on something that may seem obvious, but it's not to me. I do NOT have users/members on my site, as it is a store, not a members area - I don't want comments, don't blog,etc. As a test, I entered an alternate Paypal email address to create my own affiliate link. It did so. Then, it auto-logged me in each time. Two things:

1. I need to understand my other user's experience. If they re just adding in their paypal email address to set up, then how is it that they are prompted to generate a password?

2. I have existing affiliate users from a past plugin that would not track that I would like to add them manually to this new plug-in and enter in their existing affiliate balances (and some I have to manually add because they sell differently). When I click "logout", it will log me out, but it won't bring me back to the screen where I can enter a new paypal email address to add a new account. How do I manually add new affiliates?

3. Is there a way to remove the membership columns? I am only tracking sales of our products.

4. How do I run a test to ensure this is working before I launch it to my users? They are very busy signing up and I have GOT to make sure it works, so I don't have two failed Affiliate programs. The last I tried was WordPress affiliate, and it would just not track sales - clicks were there, but not sales.

Thanks for your help.


  • Vaughan

    Hi Jaime,

    Welcome to wpmudev.

    I'll try to answer as best I can.

    #1. Affiliates requires that users who wish to become affiliates are registered as users of your site, So you need to enable user registrations, or alternatively, you need to manually create a user account for them before they become affiliates. They then would have to login to the site and register as an affiliate.

    #2 As with #1 above, you would need to login with their user account and sign them up as an affiliate by visiting the affiliate page you create. See the usage guide here. Then add the shortcodes to a page.

    #3 No, as each affiliate has to be a member of the site.

    #4 Each affiliate would be given a reference which they can find by visiting the affiliates page, the plugin would then track clicks & sales.

    Users can also add their website domains too.

    affiliates plugin has a debug mode which you can enable and will telll you the cookie is being tracked, make sure you test by using a different browser.

    Hope this helps

  • Jaime

    I just want to be sure it is truly tracking sales. I initiated debug mode and I'm not sure what to look for, where, to ensure it is working properly. Every device in my home has accessed my site. Do I need to disable debug mode to make sure commissions are awarded, or should I forever leave it on?

    Also, I am not receiving any kind of notification when someone signs up. How do I do that? Do they receive a notification? Can I edit that notification? Also, is 2 tier functionality a possibility? I am using WP Marketplace, with that plugin, by the way.

  • Jack Kitterhing

    Hi there @Jaime,

    Hope you're well today and thanks for your patience on this.

    To make sure it's working, by checking debug mode, visit the front-end of the site with a affiliate link (make sure your logged out and have cleared your cookies). And you should see a yellow bar at the bottom of the page "a affiliate cookie has been set, referring user [username]"

    Debug mode doesn't need to be disabled to make sure commissions are awarded, once confirmed it's working, debug mode can be disabled.

    Also, I am not receiving any kind of notification when someone signs up

    WordPress does send out a default new user registration email, can you check your install is sending emails by resetting your password and see if that email is received?

    Also, is 2 tier functionality a possibility?

    Currently Affiliates is not multi-level (tiered).


    Kind Regards

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